Right Brain Games Can Give Your Child Tremendous Learning Abilities

by Brad C. Davis, Mercury Learning Systems LLC

Right brain games have their roots in Japan, where Dr. Makoto Shichida made popular what became known as "Right Brain Education". On any given day in his 400+ Shichida Child Academies you'll find dozens of children playing right brain games that help them develop remarkable abilities like remembering up to 1,000 objects in sequential order or flipping through a 500 page book then scoring highly on a comprehension test.

right brain games educator, Makoto Shichida

Dr. Makoto Shichida, President of Shichida Child Education®, author of over 100 books, and Founder of over 400 Shichida Child Academies.

Games and exercises that are targeted for right brain stimulation are often easy to learn and simple to play but can quickly help increase a child's creativity, rapid thought processes, concentration and memory, as well as help develop musical aptitude, intuition and more. right brain games for children

Right and Left Brain Functions

If you've read our article about the characteristics of the right and left brain, you'll know that the left hemisphere of the brain learns consciously in a more systematic, logical, orderly manner through repetition, rules and fact-proving (the way most American schools teach). The right hemisphere of the brain learns subconsciously by absorbing and storing visual, auditory, tactile, taste and olfactory sensations together in fractions of a second. The right brain has also been referred to as the "image brain" because these sensations are stored as images.

We found when educational games and lessons help development the right brain and also include left brain components, there can be an exponential increase of the child's capacity to learn. We call this whole brain learning.

Right Brain Games and Lessons on Our Site

Here's is a list of products and services on our site that offer excellent right brain training and whole brain learning: