Guidelines to Writing Dissertation Methods Section Easily

The dissertation methods section has to be written based on the total word limit allocated for the dissertation. And this section can grow longer depending on the thesis topic.

Moreover, there should be appropriate headings and the content length should be defined for each of them. This section is of equal importance just like the other sections of the thesis.

Also, the dissertation methods section displays the complexity of the topics and how you simplify them. The beginning mostly starts with an epistemology. It consists of the depth and understanding of the topic.

So now that we know the basics of dissertation research methods, let us now understand in detail the ways to write it effectively.

Certain ways of how to write methodology

After you have a critical discussion in epistemology, you can start with the design. There are unusual things in the thesis that need clarification.

Then you have to describe the participants of the thesis. You have to be very precise about the inclusion and exclusion of the participants. It should also include the demographics of the participants.

The demographics should be age, sex, ethnicity, disability, level of education, professional background, and more. You can also include flowcharts and designs that could explain your concepts better.

‘Analysis’ is key to writing an excellent dissertation method section

Post the demographics you have to describe the measures of the topic. These measures include interviews with the authorities and or related people.

The questionnaires and the answers play a vital role in designing the measures. It also includes the psychometrics and also reliability of the people and the subject. The demographics part should also contain the validity of the subject.

Post the demographics come the ethics part. This part describes the key ethical issues that arose about the related topic and how people dealt with it.

And then we present the analysis of the subject. The analysis should contain a critical description of the subject. It should be written very well and also include the knowledge of alternates.

This is the basic part that describes the surge of the method.

Then comes the reflexive statement about the topic. This is usually written in brief. This statement means you have to state the assumptions about the topic and its impact. You have to place a personal point of view in this section.

Give full clarity to all the methods of research for dissertation

There are no particular research methods for the dissertation. You have to be on your own and research the best topic in your own way.

But ensure that you cover the entire topic and analyze it in detail. From epistemology to assumptions ensure that it is in alignment with the topic and research.

The method section implies the research answers and problem statement that is written there. The method section might seem small but it is of immense importance.

Herein you will also need to describe the research plan. How you define the hypothesis also needs to be described in detail.

Apart from this, there is more to explore. To know where to begin, check out this methods section sample.

Chapter 3: Methodology


The methodology for this study aims to explore the feasibility of using recyclable, low cost materials to construct a simple light bulb based on the principle of refraction. The purpose of this experimental design is to compare a light lighted with a plastic bottle solar light bulb with the control condition of a dark room. This is referred to as a Moser lamp (Krishnamurthy, 2014). It will be a qualitative comparative study. Qualitative comparative studies are appropriate when the sample size is too small for quantitative statistical methods (Berg-Schlosser, De Meur, and Riboux et al., 2006). In this study only one example of each test condition will be explored. This research methodology will allow the researcher to directly draw conclusions regarding the feasibility of using the plastic bottle solar light bulb to read text in a dark room.

Research Design

This research design will involve setting up two test conditions. Condition A will serve as a control condition. In condition A, no solar light bulb will be used, which will simulate a dark room. Condition B will be the test condition allowing the researchers to assess the quality of light produced by a plastic bottle solar light bulb.

Materials needed:

  1. Two corrugated cardboard boxes of equal size and of a thickness such that no light passes through.
  2. Two pieces of paper with a paragraph written in 12pt font Times New Roman font
  3. Tape
  4. One 16 oz. plastic bottle
  5. Water to fill the bottle
  6. Two capfuls of bleach
  7. An implement to cut the box.


For Condition A, one sheet of paper with the text should be taped to the inside of one of the boxes on the end. A 1.5 inch diameter circle should be cut on the opposite end of the box. This will be the observation hole.

For Condition B one sheet of paper with the text should be taped to the inside of one of the boxes on the end. A 1.5 inch diameter circle should be cut on the opposite end of the box. This will be the observation hole. The diameter of the 16 oz. plastic bottle will be measured and a hole will be cut in the top center of the box so that the plastic bottle will be able to be inserted vertically in the box with the narrow mouth of the bottle facing upwards to create the maximum number of refractive angles. The bottle will be filled with water, two capfuls of bleach added, and the cap secured firmly to the top of the bottle. The bottle will be placed upright into the top of the box.

Observation Procedure:

Both Condition A and Condition B boxes will be placed in the direct sunlight. They will be placed at the same angle. They may be placed on a table for ease of observation. Observations will be taken by looking through the observation hole for both conditions and making an observation as to the ease with which the text at the back of the box can be read. Three observations of each condition will be made by three different team members and the results of the observations compared in Chapter 4 of this research study. The findings of the study will consist of a narrative of the findings of the observations of Condition A and Condition B. The narratives will reflect the ease with which the text could be read under each of the test conditions.

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To conclude

Well, this is a small but important section in the thesis part, and the method portion must be described in the best possible way and aligned according to the steps described here.

Remember these steps play a significant role when you write your thesis. Writing a thesis has more to it than just writing. Your research material should be in place and written properly, and the introduction and conclusion should be equally given attention.

So, when you write your thesis, tighten your seat belts as it will be a long and sometimes tedious journey. But, whatever the case, the end will be worth your efforts when you see your paper published in your name. All your efforts will then pay off!

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