List of Dissertation Topics in Education & Learning: 35 Ideas

Education and learning are quite interesting subjects to be pursued in Ph.D. There are a plethora of topics that can be chosen for dissertation ideas in education and learning.

This list of 35 topics will certainly help you get the topic that you are looking for. Out of 35 at least there will be a couple of those that will surely appeal to you for your dissertation on education. So, let us begin.

Some of the most prevalent education dissertation ideas

Education dissertation topics can be chosen from the list that has everything to do with education. Its impact, revolution, changing phases, and more.

You must choose the topic which has a relevant scope of research for the past present and future. Well here are some to help you.

Popular dissertation topics in higher education to work on:

  1. Organizational culture in community colleges
  2. How diversity in students leads to success
  3. Historical case studies in the evolution of higher education
  4. Faith-based social movements and impact on higher education
  5. Transfer students and native students collaborative efforts
  6. The role of identity development in diverse students
  7. College student retentions
  8. Decision making in higher education services
  9. Women’s studies change and history

Explore the learning styles research paper

Whatever your learning style is, you can decide the topics in that way. Now if you believe in digital education you can go for them. You can research how technology is impacting and will impact the education system. And also its pros and cons.

And there can be a special education section that you can explore. This section can have numerous options to be researched and the topic itself could be very interesting. When you research about special education, there is so much that you learn through the journey.

Nonetheless, every research is an eye-opener. This is one topic wherein the research and writing get interesting every day.

Interesting dissertation topics in special education:

  1. More about individualized education programs
  2. Trauma-informed teaching
  3. Homelessness and impact on education
  4. Parental support in special education
  5. Role of law in special education
  6. Changing phases of special education to date
  7. Skill appropriate content availability and provision
  8. Importance of unified learning in special education

Some more research studies about education

Unique dissertation topics in education:

  1. Are Traditional Grades a Thing of the Past?
  2. The role of homework in the lives of immigrant adolescents.
  3. The problems of childhood obesity
  4. The influence of the internet on education
  5. The impact of maths on children
  6. The amalgamation of technology in education and its impact on teachers
  7. The changing face of education

The thesis about education can also have technology-driven topics

If you are a technology fan, you will be shocked at how it has impacted education.

In fact, AI has revolutionized learning and learning management systems. Even sports and extracurricular activities have taken the path for technology.

So, you can choose the topic in a way that the reading can get interesting. Remember even if the word thesis sounds boring, you can actually write a very interesting one!

The possible dissertation topics in education for all AI lovers

  1. Digital education and the impact on education
  2. The role of professional development in today’s education system
  3. The importance of project-based learning
  4. Inclusion of AR and VR in learning systems
  5. The role of AI in LMS

Still searching for the best and hot education dissertation ideas?

The most trending thesis topics in education:

  1. The role of the dedication of teachers in education
  2. The topic of religious education
  3. The next five years and the face of education
  4. The pandemic and its tremendous impact on learning systems
  5. How will the education system revive post the pandemic
  6. Motivational factors for home-schooling

Summing up

Hope these 35 topics will play a significant role or even build up the idea that you were looking for. After all your study and research will have to decide the topic.

But ensure that you research tremendously before choosing the topic, because in mid-way if you realize that the topic is not relevant, you have lost a great deal of time.

So go ahead and choose wisely.

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