Right Brain Learning Can Unlock Faster Brain Power

by Brad C. Davis, Mercury Learning Systems LLC

Right brain learning is an interesting subject. Many wonder what potential our right brain has and the ways we access and use its power for faster learning. Following is some information you've probably not heard about and some stories that illustrate our right brain in action.

Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind

Science tells us we use only about 3 to 10% of our brain on a conscious level. The other 90 to 97% is used at the subconscious level. It is in this vast area of our minds where our right brain functions shine. Although much new information has been gleaned from its study, many still question how we use all the "gray matter" between our ears.

Those who study neuroscience tell us left and right brain functions are present throughout our brain while other experts argue there are definite distinguishable characteristics between each of the hemispheres. What we do know is we have tremendous brain potential and there are experts who offer answers - some of which go beyond traditionally acceptable concepts about the mind and how we think. Following is the information we found. See if it makes sense to you.

Our Left Brain "Outer" Senses

These are: Sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste. Left brain functions also help us deal with the daily stresses of life.

Our Right Brain (Inner Subconscious Functions)

Here's how we remember through the right brain: As mentioned eariler, the bulk of our memory is stored at subconscious levels. Subconscious memory is stored as the images of the things we see. In addition, our subconscious mind converts and stores the sounds we hear as images. Some sounds even trigger images of past memories stored in our minds. Also, what we see, smell, touch and taste are also stored as images.

Two Examples of How Our Right Brain Operates


Someone shared this story with me: "When I smell a certain type of pencil wood, it brings up a memory image in my mind when I was in my 2nd grade classroom. There I am, writing capital and lower case letters on a piece of lined paper at my desk in class. The scene could not be more clear."

our brain has a memory capacity one million times that of the world's most powerful computer

Remember: All our memories - all we experience through our senses whether, we're aware of it or not - are stored as images in our brains at the subconscious level. If you think your brain couldn't hold that much information, it can! Science estimates that our brain has a memory capacity one million times that of the world's most powerful computer. There's an amazing and powerful piece of equipment sitting right between our ears!

Continuing with the story: "I can remember the strong scent of my pencil while writing at my desk. That smell is forever tied to that event." So, whenever this person catches a whiff of a certain type of wood pencil, the same scene pops right up out of his subconscious mind to his conscious awareness with absolutely no effort.

Let's do an experiment: Think back a try remember the smell of your school books or how about your school gym's locker room. Think about it for a moment and see if some scenes or long forgotten images of the past suddenly pop up in your mind. If you're like most people, you'll remember something you probably haven't thought about for many years. Interesting, isn't it? We all have these abilities. But there's a lot more!

Here's another story of how our right brain works


Remember the band, Bachman-Turner Overdrive? Another older gentleman writes, "Some of their songs were among my favorites when the group was popular. Every time I hear the song, 'Tak'in Care of Business', I'm right back at my girlfriend's house as a seventeen-year-old, playing pool with my girlfriend, Fran. I can even feel the emotions I felt then and even the memories of what I was thinking at the time as they re-appear in my mind like a film strip."

Isn't that interesting? Just thinking of the melody of certain songs can bring up memories of past events that were otherwise long forgotten. Has that ever happened to you? Talk about transporting back in time in your mind!

Inspiring Idea

This may seem a little "out-of-the-box" to most people but do you think there's a way to store things like all your college exam notes in your subconscious mind (right brain), then bring them out to your conscious mind (left brain) during the exam, and with no effort?

The answer is yes. If you're able to create image memories of your notes and tie them to one or more of our five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch or smell. Our right brain has the potential but to utilize it we need to train our right brain with the proper learning methods. Most of us have well-developed analytical left brain functions but underdeveloped right brain functions in key areas, and on top of that, we have no patience! But, once we gain back our natural right brain abilities, integrated with our conscious left brain awareness, we'll be able to remember and recall vast amounts of information at will.

We carry products that will help stimulate and activate your children's right brain abilities with left brain functions. One of them is our Memory Magic series of accelerated learning games. These games, while made for children are also effective for older students to adults. We also share learning methods, like mind mapping and sequential memory linking that help you and your children remember information as images.

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