Quickly Teach Your Children About the World Around Them with Hestia's Accelerated Learning Songs

33 songs employ accelerated learning techniques to effortlessly teach your children about the world around them. Your children will LOVE singing along with this song specifically created for the enjoyment of learning. Each song download includes the lyrics.

All lyrics and music in these songs were written and composed by Hestia Abeyesekera, PhD. Her unique educational background includes degrees in Music, Speech and Drama from London, England. She has a Doctorate in Education and is Montessori trained. Hestia is honored in the "World's Who's Who" of Women for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Education and is a life member of the prestigious American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASACP). Hestia has composed over 50 children's songs and 200 other musical compositions.

Through the simple repetitive words and the engaging melodies of these songs, your children will be able to retain a vast amount of knowledge in an effortless manner. That's because they utilize movement, rhythm and language to unlock the innate learning abilities already within your child. Using these three learning methods together have proven to be 98%-100% effective for learning and retention.

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Learning Through Music with Hestia - History, Geography, Science
Learning Through Music
History, Geography and Science

With these learning songs, your young children will understand what causes the weather, clouds, rainbows; how butterflies are made, parts of a plant, about the planets in our solar system and their order, about our world, land and water; about great people, times in our history and a lot more!

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Learning Is Fun Music with Hestia - Countries, Rivers, Mountians Weather
Learning is Fun

Learn all about the months of the year, the world and its countries, rivers and mountains, the weather and even learn to speak four different languages - all on one unique and FUN learning songs album!

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Learning Through Music
Album on CD, $14.95

MP3 Album Download, $10.95

MP3 Download Songs (from album), $1.49 each
Song: Learning Through Music

Song: Weather

Song: Clouds

Song: The Rainbow

Song: The Butterfly

Song: The Story of a Seed

Song: The Planets

Song: The World

Song: Land and Water

Song: Great People

Song: A History Quiz

Song: A Patriotic Melody

Song: December

Song: Spelling Is Fun/Goodbye Song

Learning Is Fun
Album on CD, $14.95

MP3 Download Songs (from album), $10.95

Download Songs, $1.49 each
Song: Learning Is Fun

Song: Months of the Year

Song: Days of the Week

Song: Song for September

Song: Song for October

Song: Song for November

Song: Song for December

Song: Song for January

Song: Song for February

Song: Song for March

Song: Song for April

Song: Song for May

Song: Summer Months

Song: The World

Song: Countries

Song: Rivers and Mountains

Song: Weather

Song: Languages are Fun

Song: Goodbye