Become a Human Calculator

by Brad C. Davis, Mercury Learning Systems LLC

In this article I discuss the functions of learning math from the left brain perspective and how solving math through right brain functions allows you perform complex math equations faster than a calculator.

A Left Brain Math "Genius"

Before discovering Shichida's and Doman's rapid math training, I saw Scott Flansburg on TV dazzling the viewers with his amazing math skills. Somehow, he was able to add, subtract, multiply and divide large random numbers very quickly. I wanted to do math like him so I bought the course.

At first his rapid math system seemed fairly simple. Basically, I learned to group together and temporarily store different chunks of numbers in my mind from an equation while putting together other chunks, then assembling them all at the end for the answer. It worked great but what I found is, if I made one wrong calculation along the way, of course the final answer was wrong at the end.

Also, as I progressed through the lessons the equations became more and more difficult. I found trying to keep multiple chunks of numbers in my mind just got too mental. My brain ended up shutting off to this system so I dropped the course.

Looking back, what I know now is that this "math wizard" really did have incredible rapid math abilities and figured out a system that works - for the left brain. That may be fine for some, but for contrast, let's look at a faster way much younger children are solving even larger equations - the right brain way!

Right Brain Rapid Math Calculation

Equations solved by A. T., Nagoya (age 2 yrs-8 mths). ┬ęThe Shichida Method.

Here's a scenario: You walk into a classroom and observe young children concentrating on their lessons. As you walk around you notice a little girl saying rather large numbers out loud as she's looking at a small writing board. This interests you, so you wonder over to see what she's looking at. What you find is amazing: She's shouting out the answers to six-digit math equations! You ask her how she does it. An assistant comes over to answer your question: "She sees the answers in her mind."

You may be wondering: How can someone, let alone a child, instantly see the answer to a math equation in her mind? She must have memorized the answers to some pre-written equations! Well, I've seen it myself and it's real. As fantastic as it sounds, people are capable of solving complex math equations faster than a computer. Let me tell you how real rapid math calculations are possible!

Mathematics is not like Geography

In his book, How To Teach Your Baby Math, Glenn Doman says, "Mathematics is not a subject like geography but a way of thinking and reasoning." The functions of math are really just a series of visual symbols that we arrange into other symbols. Following this idea, Doman and Shichida developed math programs using symbols instead of numbers and actually succeeded in teaching math to babies and very young children. Although the methods used by Doman and Shichida vary slightly, they both generate the visual input allowing complex equations to be solved instantly.

Instant Rapid Math Calculation through the Subconscious Mind

Solving large math equations instantly is not a function of conscious mathematical calculations. The answers automatically come from the subconscious where they are calculated instantly. Through our right brain functions, we literally see a picture of the correct answer in our mind's eye. However, we need to be in the right state of consciousness to see it. Think of it like baseball: If you're not in the right spot on the field at the right time, you won't catch the ball that was just batted to you. In most cases, being in the right place to receive the answers that appear in your mind takes certain training.

I Have Experienced Rapid Math Calculation!

Although I'm not a math wizard, from time to time I've experienced the ability to instantly add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers without "thinking" about it.

Sometimes, when looking at numbers on paper I can hear my mind saying, "I need to add these." Or, "I need to multiply these." Instantly, the answer appears in my mind. It happens so quickly that often I hardly take notice. Sometimes, the answer will appear and then, in another instant, it's gone. When I do make conscious contact with the answer appearing in my mind, I write the answer down.

What I just described doesn't happen all the time but when it does, my logical mind tells me it can't be right so I usually verify it by hand or with a calculator. My answers are always correct.

Dr. Shichida's Research Confirms This Ability

Child educator and pioneer in right brain education, Dr. Makato Shichida, tells us there are a great many five- and six-year-old children all over the world who can correctly multiply and divide five- and six-digit numbers in seconds. He believes that this is the right brain activity of fast calculation and imaging mechanisms. In fact, he verified his supposition using data from Positron Emission Tomography (PET) testing of brain waves. This data shows that specific brain functions of highly skilled abacus users are active when carrying out arithmetic operations. This contrasts with the rest of us, for whom the left brain is more active when doing arithmetic with a calculator. Remember, earlier we mentioned that the use of symbols in math equations activate the brain's instant math abilities. The abacus is composed of a series of visual symbols - beads.

So, if we want to train our children to calculate faster than a computer, we'll need a suitable math program and exercises we can use to develop our right brain's natural imagery and visualization abilities. This will enable our conscious awareness to see what our subconscious is showing us, which in this case, are answers to math problems.

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