Eye Tracking Helps Children Read More Effectively

by Brad C. Davis, Mercury Learning Systems LLC

Eye tracking exercises help strengthen the eye muscles needed for tracking lines of copy on a printed page. For some children, this is one the only barriers to successful reading.

What's more, when we utilize eye tracking exercises in right brain learning games, children can develop memory abilities that exceed expectations and lead to high speed reading abilities.

Speed Reading and the Power of Eye Tracking

On any given day at one of Makoto Shichida's Child Academies, you'll find young children flipping through book pages at high speed then taking tests on the book's subject matter. Often, their test scores reach 95% or higher. Scores like this from just flipping through a book is impressive. But how are they able to memorize and recall such vast amounts of data?

Through his independent research, Stephen Christman, a psychologist at the University of Toledo, Ohio, has an answer. His findings show that certain eye movements improve recall memory. He concluded that leftward eye movements activate right brain functions and rightward movements activate left brain functions.

So, the teachings and research above suggests that eye tracking exercises can improve the ability to quickly take in and store data (a right brain function), and then later accurately recall back that information (a left brain function).

"I can copy a page into my head if I look at it for an instant. Then I read it in my head even though the book is closed."
- Mihara, a 7-year-old student of the Shichida Child Academy

Learning to Speed Read

eye tracking game Follow That Dot

Exercises and games, like those in the Follow That Dot game pack, help stimulate and activate the right brain's visual imaging and mass memory capabilities and create strong connections to the left brain's conscious recall functions. Speed reading is your child's ability to store the "image" of pages or blocks of text through the subconscious right brain, and then recall the information from those pages through the conscious left brain.

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