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The Doman Method of Accelerated Learning

Glenn Doman and his Institutes’ have been making some amazing discoveries in accelerated learning education through the years. It’s known as The Doman Method®.

One of the First Pioneers in Accelerated Learning

Doman was one of the first to specialize in child brain development. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1940 and founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in 1955.

Mr. Doman traveled to many places around the world where he observed children of different nationalities. His goal was to discover how the brain develops and what role their immediate environment played in brain development. His years of research eventually led to the discovery of break-through learning methods.

Utilizing the unique educational programs his Institutes’ developed, miracles began to happen: Many paralyzed children with brain injury learned to walk, run and even do gymnastics. Blind, deaf and dumb children were learning to see, hear and speak.

By the early 1960s, The Institutes’ work with brain injured children led to important discoveries into the growth and development of normal children.

The Doman Method: Unlocking the Inborn Genius

Doman Method in action in school

Richard Colombini, of Arise & Shine Montessori Preschool, St. Louis Park, MN, using The Doman Method® “Bits of Intelligence” education in his classroom.

As Doman’s research progressed, he came to realize that all children possess an inborn genius that can be developed using the same types of learning methods as those used with brain injured children. He also started teaching parents how to use the Doman Method in their child’s brain based learning routine.

He believes that newborn children have a genius potential that, if developed, can exceed that of Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein. To access this genius, children should start being stimulated from the birth. His Institutes’ offer a program for parents and has published several books that explain how to teach babies at home.

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Below, is a video about The Doman Method® which aired on Fox News.

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